Do Birds Perch on Goddesses’ Crowns?

Güven Turan Every Can Göknil exhibition is itself a work of art in its own right. That’s because each of her exhibitions develops organically within the context of a single, overarching view. Until quite recently, Göknil has been taking the oral and written traditions of Anatolian folk culture as the bases for her shows; this time, she carries us back–much, much further back–taking another outgrowth of the soil of Anatolia as her starting point: Neolithic mother goddesses. Anatolia is where the Mother Goddess cult, the first human religion, was born and developed and from where it spread in waves, creating […]

Creation Myths from Central Asia to Anatolia

Images from the Creation Myths of the Turks This text is from the catalogue published by Yapı Kredi Art Galleries for Can Göknil exhibitions in Istanbul, Izmir and Adana in 1997. The questions of how the universe, the world, or people came into being have been asked over and over again everywhere. People need to know where they have come from in order to establish or protect a way of life or to give meaning to birth and to death. The result has been the appearance of a variety of beliefs concerning creation. These beliefs, transformed into tales, have led […]