Book House Feb 2010

A Book Art Exhibition

By Can Göknil

It used to be a notebook, resting in a dark drawer of a desk, observing the book case through  the keyhole.

“These books on the shelf must have been notebooks before  being published.

Just “jotted- down” ideas, with a few sketches here and there. Pages with illustrations always look nicer than ones filled just with notes. A writer simply tears out  a page if s/he dosen’t  like something. Nobody cares about the paper in the wastebasket. That’s the way of life for notebooks.”

This one used to be  much thicker but now  many of its pages were  gone. What if it should disappear alltogether?

“No one tears out the pages of a book. Even  old books  are of value to  book dealers,” was the favorite thought of the notebook in the desk drawer.

This was exactly why the notebook desired to get published, maybe even as a hard-cover edition,  and carry the odour of printing ink. Having a bookmark of its own would be a real delight! If only  it coud  meet an editor…

Well, luck was on its side and the notebook did manage to get  its remaining pages published . It never  achieved  bestseller status but it was read widely and became  so popular that it had its own  fan club! Eventually its  readers gave it  a wonderful gift: a book-house! A place of its own!

If you would like to see this unique place, visit Gallery Apel in Galatasaray on April 3rd, 2010. You are also welcome on any other date until the first of May.